The Photography Institue Module 3 and 4

Module 3 was a particularly hard assignment. It was all about the Gray card and how to use it and creating your very own Zone Ruler. Well it was pretty frustrating at first I will admit…I literally wanted to shoot that gray card. But all in all everything went super well I got a successful 9/10 on my assignment!

Module 4 on the other hand was based on using the Histogram of your camera to figure out perfect exposure to an image. Then we were asked to increase two stops and decrease by two stops, in order to achieve an over exposed photo and an underexposed photo. Once that was done, we were asked to ‘Save’ the image my fixing it in out handy dandy Photoshop. Using our extremely professional Photoshop skills we were asked to submit a before and after photo. Did I forget to Mention I got a 10/10!!!

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