$40 Christmas Special

The $40 Christmas Specail was a HIT!

Everyone had a lot of fun in my Studio and it was a blast capturing not only their family’s Precious moments but the Christmas Spirit as well. I would have loved to post more then one photo for each family that came but it would be over 100 photos.

If you guys are still curious and what to see more of the Christmas special you can go on my facebook and see more photos of the sessions . Here’s the link


And here are a few of my top favourites



DSC_3548editweb DSC_3435editweb DSC_3300editweb DSC_3031editweb DSC_2475editweb DSC_2429editweb DSC_2163editweb DSC_2101editweb DSC_1910editweb quintonnOlivia DSC_4502editweb DSC_4238editweb DSC_3758editweb DSC_3627editweb Untitled-1editweb

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