Night Photography

Night Photography.

I’ve seen other Photographers do Spectacular Night Photography. I have always been amazed at their work and dedication on their images.

As such I decided to simply do a mini night photo session for my beautiful mother to see how I could capture the right light and using my flash in some images and simply increasing my ISO in others.

Here are some of the photos I took at the park


DCP_7046Editweb DCP_7044Edit2web DCP_7053Editweb DCP_7110Editweb DCP_7120Editweb DCP_7136Editweb DCP_7141Editweb DCP_7149Editweb DCP_7152Editweb DCP_7157Editweb DCP_7159Editweb  DCP_7182Editweb DCP_7197Editweb DCP_7219Editweb DCP_7221Editweb DCP_7224Edit2web

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