Raquel and Celeste’s Mother’s Day Photos

I had a lovely time, with my Best friend Raquel and her beautiful and talented daughter Celeste. We visited many locations and toured the City of Guelph. Being a City girl from Toronto, Life here is Guelph is nice, calm, relaxing and almost like a little get away from the City.

Here are only a few shoots of our session together

Enjoy! 🙂

DCP_8892Editweb DCP_8926Editweb DCP_8971Editweb DCP_9011Editweb DCP_9018Editweb DCP_9192Editweb DCP_9118Editweb DCP_9113Editweb DCP_9184Editweb DCP_9170Editweb DCP_9094Editweb2  DCP_9135Editweb DCP_9062Editweb DCP_9027Editweb DCP_9075Editweb
Raquel and Celesteweb

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