Happy Father’s Day Weekend !

Yesterday was Father’s day in our home town El Salvador, Wishing all the Latino Father’s a very Happy Father’s Day. A special shout out to my wonderful and caring father Alfredo. Dad I love you so much you have been there for me since day one and I appreciate your love and care that you have give me and my family.

To follow, here are a few photos of my husband and our daughters, Vanessa and Melissa. I would like to thank my husband for being a wonderful father to our beautiful daughters.

These photos where taken at the U of G, I wish I had brought my tripod to capture a family photos.

Wishing all the Father’s in the World a Wonderful and Happy Father’s Day Weekend 🙂

Father: a Daughters first love 🙂

Here are a only a few of my favorite photos. DCP_0242Editweb

DCP_0212Editweb DCP_0225Editweb DCP_0229Editweb DCP_0248Editweb DCP_0274Editweb DCP_0251Editweb DCP_0262Editweb DCP_0271Editweb DCP_0281Editweb DCP_0291Editweb DCP_0337Editweb Summersizzerflyer2015

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