Happy Mothers Day!

On Thursday my eldest daughter Vanessa, fell and cut the side of her head. At the hospital, the doctors were helpful and decided to have an alternate option then stitches. They gathered hair from each side of the cut, knotted it and glued it to seal the cut shut. The reason I bring this is up on such a special day, is that every mother wants her kids safe from harm and every mom feels more hurt to see their children in pain and hurt from a serious injury or even a small wound.

This is dedicated to all mothers out there. Mothers Like my beautiful sister who is waiting to give birth, Mothers and Grandmothers a like,  Mothers that have had difficulty getting pregnant, Mothers who have lost a child and those who have been surrogate mothers, to bring happiness to mothers unable to bear a child. There are thousands of women out there that have played an important role in our lives and acted as mothers to us at one point or another. For all of those wonderful women out there…Happy Mother’s Day!!  

A Special Thanks to my beautiful mother that has gone above and beyond to help me be the mom I am today. Thank you for always helping when I need you to step into my role as a mother when I am unable to do so. Your love and affection towards my brother and sister and myself are extraordinary and a huge blessing that we are lucky to have. Thank you for being an amazing Grandmother! We love you more than words can even say, thank you a million!


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