Goodbye Fall, Hello Chritmas Season !!

As we end Fall we come to the beginning Christmas/Winter. Ending a rainy Halloween night we woke up to a beautiful layer of snow, indicating Winter its on it’s way. The photos down below are photos of my family and I. We decided to try something different this year and take our own family photos. Standing in front of the camera with a remote control shutter button was quite an interesting experience. Focusing the camera was a challenge even when not using the auto focus. But in my opinion the photos turned out quite nice. Not only did I capture my daughters different mood swings but capturing the beauty of fall as well. This was taken in Monarch woods in Kitchener.

Here are a few of my favorite moments

  DCP_4965Editweb DCP_4969Editweb DCP_4981Editweb DCP_4978Editweb DCP_5029Editweb DCP_4976Editweb DCP_5001Editweb DCP_4987Editweb DCP_5043Editweb DCP_5050Editweb

As we say “see ya later to fall” I am welcoming the Christmas season with an excellent Christmas special  ChritmasFlyer2014web

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